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SUR-LOK Primer speeds cure of anaerobic adhesives on passive surfaces such as anodized aluminum or cadmium, zinc or stainless steel. Primer is used on slightly oily surfaces found on "as received" or used parts, and at cooler temperatures to complete the cure. Primer is especially useful in maintenance and repair operations where it is essential to put parts in service quickly.

SUR-LOK Primer 1747 is a thin, clear green fluid containing acetone solvent. Allow 30 seconds for this solvent to evaporate. It flows onto and covers parts readily and easily, instantly providing an active surface for hardening anaerobic adhesives regardless of surface composition or condition.


Primer for Anaerobic Adhesives and Sealants

Part Number: 17471
Description: Primer for anaerobic adhesives, 4.5 oz Aerosol
Quantity per Case: 12 Cans
Price: $12.52 per Can


Color: Green
Temperature range: -65 - 400°F (-54 - 204°C)

  • Parts ready for bonding immediately after primer application
  • Adequate cure in thirty minutes at room temperature
  • Parts can be handled within 15 minutes at ordinary temperatures
  • Full cure in 1-4 hours on metal surfaces
  • This product compete with LOCTITE® 7471

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