Gasketing Application


Red Line

SUR-LOK anaerobic adhesives are a specialized series of single component, solvent free compounds that are individually formulated for locking, sealing, retaining and bonding metal parts and assemblies.

Stable in the presence of air, this product lubricates the assembly of parts then cures between the two mating metal parts, forming a resilient, vibration-proof polymer shim. SUR-LOK sealants provide the user with additional performance characteristics, including resistance to corrosive chemicals or galvanic attack between dissimilar metals, as well as solvent resistance, while allowing disassembly with normal tools, if required.


Instant Gasket Sealant (Red)

Part Number: 15184
Description: Anaerobic Gasket/Flange Sealant, 50 ml Tube
Quantity per Case: 10 Tubes
Price: $9.13 per Tube

Blue Line

Part Number: 15185
Description: Anaerobic Gasket/Flange Sealant, 300 ml Cartridge
Quantity per Case: 12 Cartridges
Price: $37.96 per Cartridge


Color: Red translucent
Temperature range: -65 - 300°F (-54 - 149°C)
Viscosity: 2,500,000 cps
Gap filling: .001 - .050 in.
Instant Sealing: <100 psig on NPT pipes
Locking shear cured: 2500 psi
Cure speed without primer: 24 hours
Cure speed with primer: 45 minutes
Chemical resistance: Excellent

  • This product compete with LOCTITE® 518

SUR-LOK 1518 Gasketing conforms to the surface imperfections and tool marks on flanged surfaces, thus allowing a metal-to-metal fit of the parts and eliminating the need to re-torque compressible mechanical gaskets. This improves the sealing integrity of the joint.

The rheology of SUR-LOK Gasket & Flange Sealant facilitates screening or pressure feed for robotic application. 1518 is designed for gasketing and flange sealing. The relatively low bond strength permits convenient field disassembly. While uncured product is compatible with fuels, solvents, hydraulic fluids, and oils, cured joints are chemically resistant.

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